Prophetic word for 2017

There has been a shifting in the heavens and a cracking in the crust its a time of revolution go forward with a thrust .
Acts ch 2 v 19 , Repent ye therefore ,and be converted,that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord .

Yes we are in a time of refreshing , a new rain is falling , a cleansing from the heavenly realms cleansing the vision washing away the filth of the nations exposing the darkened hearts of men in their fallen state.

Those who we thought were evil are turning to the light , those who were holding their  lampstands in hidden corners are coming to the forefront to lead the way .

Isaiah 60 v 1 ,
Arise shine for your light is come , and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon thee.

Yes it is the dawning of a new day the ministering angels have been released to help those who have received salvation , No more the spirit of fear but of Power and Love and a sound mind.
Yes all things are possible , the spirit of deception has been exposed, the rod of righteousness has hit the ground and the earth quakes as the true Sons of God take their place as the gardeners of the earth.

Yes they are carriers of the new seed of grace to bring perfection upon perfection upon perfection , The dry ground shall be flooded with the rain of the Spirit the old dry wells shall flourish again bringing abundance and fresh revelation to the body , soul and spirit of man .

For to everything there is a season , a time for every purpose under heaven .
This is a time of restitution of all things , which God has spoken by the mouths of His Holy Prophets since the world began .

This is the time of the new breed of Samuel,s who will do the will of the Heart and Mind of the Father , bringing exposure and closure to the corruption in the House of God , it will be the Samuel anointing that will bring exposure and the Phinehas
anointed ones who will cast the spear of closure .

These will be times of witty inventions for I Prudence dwell with Wisdom and will release the hidden things that have been held back for such a time as this !

There will be a sweeping of the floor and a cleaning of the gutters of the mind for the new seed cannot be contaminated with the thoughts of doubt and unbelief that were birthed in the garden of Eden by that old deceptive tree of knowledge that had fallen from the grace of God ,
Ney no more inroads for I have released Clarity to define the word of the Spirit for you shall know the truth and the truth that you know shall set you free.

Breath deep for there is a fresh wind blowing bringing a clarion call to awaken the dead in spirit, a Ruach , a Holy wind from God to echo in the chambers of your souls to fire up the embers of revival and restoration to reformation .

Yes the Reformation of the Sabbath , A Reformation of the House of Prayer , A Reformation of the tabernacle in mans heart where I will come and dwell and eat and drink with you and it shall be on earth as it is in Heaven , AMEN

Pr. Michael Findlay 21st January 2017
Oasis Christian Fellowship
Lagos Algarve Portugal