John Suddrey on mission to Pakistan

What Price for my Passport !

Blessings in Pakistan

John & Aleric

The tour of Pakistan started with my Apostle and friend Alaric Hunt in march for 3 weeks. So far we have had 5 days in Karachi the city that never sleeps often not starting meetings until then preaching begins 10.30 pm to 11pm. Dinner at 2.30 am in high temperatures.
Some we had to take long bus journeys to as they were the other side of this huge city of about 20 million people. Every meeting was an opportunity to preach the Gospel over 100 people came into salvation. Many healed and deliverence occurrences were regular.
A great team in Karachi of Waqas John Evangelist and pastor a young man whom we would work with again.
His team know how to pray and with us learnt how to minister.

Went from there to Shekupura a rural city. Village meetings a lovely people a real anointing of healing. Here hosted by Dr Qaisar Shahzad a friend and real compassionate man and his team.
A large meeting of about 1500 people in a marriage hall was again an opportunity to preach the Gospel many came into salvation and many healed. Interesting we encountered a lot of people with paralysis of arms and legs. The Lord healed many of them either on these meetings or in their homes. A lot of sad stories though many die young children born too weak.
Heartbreaking when some of the terminally I’ll did not get healed including children.
Today we spend most of it with 100 orphans in a village many of whom were in bond slavery working in brick kilns.

Today we have travelled into the country to minister to the children.
Many are bond slaves to brick making factories as seen in these pictures. Widows have nothing and there children often end up in earning 300 pk rupees per day. Miss out on childhood from 3 years of age and miss out on education exposed to soaring temperatures and these are christian families.
Limited health support hygiene non existent. Driven into poverty.
As a westerner I am humbled.
This afternoon we will minister to children and widows. Pray for increased anointing.

There are alternatives for these widows and children but they need help

Making sowing machines available to widows and alternative ways of working.


Last night’s outreach Alaric spoke 40 came into salvation. Many healed.

We had a testimony from our hospital visit the boy who was seriously ill with TB since our time with him when we declared healing he has been told the TB has gone he is still sick with hepatitis c so we are to return today. Man witnessed his healing